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Parasme Software and Technology is a respected company for SEO service in Jaipur. We are providing the Quality Result in stated timeline. Our SEO professionals have decades of experience in providing SEO services to clients and sound knowledge of the latest search engine optimization trends. With Lots of Satisfied client around the world and a client satisfaction rate of 99%, we pride ourselves to have such a better records for successful delivery so far.

What is SEO?

These days, almost everyone accesses information on the internet through a search engine. So much that we don't even try to remember any website URLs… rather than trying to remember, I would rather "google" for it. The role of a search engine becomes even more powerful when I am searching for websites that can give me the desired information. If your website does not feature on the first or the second page of search results, no one might ever visit it.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO efforts for a particular website aim at increasing the visibility of that site on search engines.

How is SEO Done?

Search Engine Optimization has two components. First, all that we do to your website is to make it more attractive for search engines, and then, all that is done to promote it organically on the search engines. The former is called "on-page or on-site optimization and the latter "off-page/off-site optimization.

These two components of SEO are a series of result-oriented activities performed by experts.

Local SEO for Targeting Business Locally

If you are targeting business locally through your website, avail of our Local SEO services. Local SEO involves a slightly different strategy and action plan.