The team compiling the most dedicated and innovative minds are all congregated at one place with an invigorating environment. The encouraging work atmosphere not only helps us to comply with our work but to accomplish it in the best possible and timely way.

Office Address

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S/No 21, Near HDFC Bank Niwaru Road Jhotwara, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India ,302012
+91 8562-810272

Introducing our infrastructural facilities

To lead our dedicated team in the best way, we provide them with the value-added work conditions under the attention-building, secure environment to drive the best ideas in innovative minds. Discussing out infrastructure, we would focus on:

A workplace that inspires to thrive

Parasme Software & Technology solution being a passionate team focuses on togetherness and high work values that transpires in a work-conducive atmosphere. The environment assures the team to provide collaborative work culture to unleash their latent potentials by aquatinting them to people like them giving a professional feel. Realizing the importance of the workplace, we managed to set it all to ensure the best.

Relaxing rooms for consecrations

Disperse positive aura all around to inculcate stress beating tactics and innovative vibes in our team. Whatever we are is due to our rational team and their striving efforts. So, we are bound to give them the environment they expect from us. Relaxation being the most important stimulator is to be entrusted at first, which can only be received in tranquil, rooms where the employees can boost their assiduity.

Power back up for persistent workflow

Any interruption while working not only affects the work but also the concentration, which we cannot afford. Therefore, to keep our team keeps absorbed in their work without any hindrance we assure 100% power backup. This not only keeps their ideas activated but also save them from any kind of dawdling.

Well-equipped technological and network support

Higher the grade of work setup and machines provided by us to our team, the better they will work. We sharpen the axe for our potential employees so they would be able to produce the desired outcome in the least time. Keeping ourselves update with technological up gradation helps us to withstand time and needs. Our 247 Network Operations Center (NOC) team manages havoc caused by a system crash or IT issues.

The best team working in a highly productive environment

An office or a workplace is incomplete without its team. Our efficient team prioritizes delivering concentrated and efficient projects on time. For this, we conduct discussions in our productive & private rooms help us keep assembling new ideas for enhanced services. The invoking atmosphere facilitates us with innovative ideas at its best.

Large area to facilitate the least disturbance

The broader rooms and tables not only ensure physical comfort but also the mental one. We are occupying a large area of around 3500 sq.ft. owning completely, to decrease the chances of discomfort, and disturbance and to increase integrity and comprehensibility. The wonderful division of subsectors shapes infrastructure well, maintains confidentiality, secure for better management.

Enterprise-grade workplace technologies

Preferring both automated and manual work environment we include both type of support to our team. The better technological support would help them in catering challenges with adequate functionality support.

Our systematical approach towards project completion is all possible because of our wonderful team. The team which helped to take the company to another level, and hence we are bound providing them with a suitable environment where they can work with dedication and concentration. The workplace is equipped with all latest technological support, to minimize the chances of the hindrance.

Moreover, to deliver the good quality projects on time and t receive our 100% customer satisfaction we make all efforts using most efficient technology and ideas. We accomplish things using productive ways and in the most conducive environment which is the important element in itself. Our projects are aligned with viable resource and thoughts, which actually works in real-life situations.